I’ve decided to mediate what next?

You have made the decision that mediating would be a more cost effective and timely route for resolution. When both parties in a dispute agree to mediate that’s great. But for many people that’s where they hit an impasse. What do you do next? How do you approach the other party? What do you say? In such scenarios I offer the following two low-cost services which assist in raising the suggestion of mediation with the other party and / or in many cases these introductions have ‘started’ the mediation or even triggered a settlement discussion. These options do not guarantee a party will mediate and do not guarantee the other party will respond. What they do provide is a structured way to approach the subject in what are often difficult or unknown circumstances. If you have any questions please contact me here.


Option A £35

I provide you with a template letter or email suggesting mediation, outlining details and updated to reflect your dispute. The letter / email would be reviewed by you and I, before being sent in your name. This can be sent in my name if we believe it may have a better outcome

Option B £50

Includes Option A PLUS one follow up letter or email (sent 2 weeks after initial letter or email).


In many cases these introductions have ‘started’ a settlement discussion


“Peter had an excellent understanding of the key issues. His persona and commercial approach significantly contributed to both parties ultimately reaching an agreed settlement.”

- James Atton, Partner, Mackrell Solicitors.  

“Peter’s extensive industry knowledge and experience, and his practical approach to mediation, guided the parties to a successful outcome.”


"Peter was absolutely fantastic in his role as mediator. He managed the process between both parties expertly and worked really hard to get this claim settled. He deserves a massive amount of credit."

-Charlie Logue Paddy Power Betfair Legal Council

“I was very impressed with Peter’s commitment to achieving a settlement. He kept the parties focused and maintained momentum whenever they were drifting apart. I will certainly be recommending his services in the future.”

Mark Stephens, Barrister, Legal 500

"Peter has an ability to understand the dynamics and interests of the various parties and looks not only at the moving parts between those involved but also at a structured way forward to find potential settlement areas that were not even considered previously"

Tara Brady Senior Managing Director, Financial Services, Accenture

"Peter has shown patience and insight, delivered in a calm manner when his assistance has been sought"

-Professor Chris Brady Director of the Centre for Sports Business, Salford University

"In my dealings with Peter his clarity and clear thinking has helped me with a number of career decisions. He is excellent at seeing avenues for progress that are often closed off to others."

Sam Matterface ITV & TALKSport commentator

"Peters personable style and diligent manner enables parties of varying dynamics to trust him & move forwards in reaching an agreement". He also brings a creative approach to helping clients reach resolutions"

Mark Blandford - Company Director

"Peter is inventive and persistent in creating possible strategies"

Jaswant Deol - Sports Director Betway

“I’d like to thank you for facilitating a successful conclusion; perhaps your initials should stand for ‘personable and helpful’. Or maybe ‘pragmatic and hortative’! Your relaxed demeanour and grasp of the issues in the case was also an important factor in enabling us to reach a settlement"

Mark Owen. Betfred Legal counsel